In 1986, Kyparissia and Giannis Karapetakos inaugurated the Beauty Collection in Chalkida, a store then with branded herbal cosmetics and women's accessories. Over the years many things changed, some came, some left and some remain since then.

The aesthetic education of the two brothers, the commercial spirit, the love for travel, the obsession with the best quality and the constant search for the developments in the field of fashion, in combination with the unlimited love between them, resulted in the development and the evolution of stores in their current form.

In the course of these years, they followed many collaborations with famous brands as well as with renowned showrooms in Greece and abroad, always maintaining the reputation of the store high and helping to establish it as a destination for clothes of excellent quality.

All these years, the priority for us has always been and is the personal and warm relationship with our customers and their service always in the best possible way.

As a natural evolution of things, the time has come for the transition and the creation of the online store, www.beautycollection.gr, with the brands that are already hosted in our stores, and a lot of news, which you will find in our eshop!

Through our online store, we give our customers the opportunity to follow them products and be informed, the opportunity to make online purchases as well as the rest of the world the opportunity to acquire the products us.

Giannis Karapetakos
Kyparissia Karapetakou
Giannis Petroulakis
Elena Petroulaki